Healing power of nature (26/05/2020)

Recently the weather has been great here. We have had sunny days for almost a week. Therefore I go to our back garden to do a little physical exercise whist bathing in the sun almost everyday. I thoroughly enjoy those moments.

I already had two sets of exercise today. The last one happened shortly before I started writing this post. To fully experience the magic of nature, I normally close my eyes whist moving my body in the way which felt the most natural and comfortable. The combination of the sunshine and the gentle wind made me temporarily forget all my earthly problems. I almost felt that I was an innocent young girl again.

When every fiber of my being was eagerly soaking up what the moment was offering, my gently moving hands felt the flow of the finer energies. It felt like my skin was in touch with the most comfortable and gentle substance in the world. There was even a prickling feeling, like what you get from a very weak electric current, on my finger tips. It was truly beautiful.

There was also an extra bonus: I got inspiration for two new posts, including this one. Isn’t that wonderful?

That’s what nature does. It’s healing and magical, but you have to be still enough to get into its frequency to benefit from this amazing power.

I accidentally discovered nature’s healing power many years ago when my life was a total mess.

At the time I was carrying lots of long-term emotional pain and didn’t know what to do with it other than pretending that it didn’t exist. I was also facing a lot of challenges professionally, because I was still relatively new to the job. In addition, I was growing apart from my ex-husband but didn’t know what to about the situation. Plus I had some serious conflicts with my parents.

In short, my life was like a war zone. Peace was almost impossible. Fortunately, I did find a way to escape from the mess almost every day. It was a long walk to an open river bank park nearby. I went there almost everyday just after lunch. The population density of that area was very low. Therefore I rarely met anyone. As a result, it felt like that I was enjoying a walk in my own private park.

Although the park was not very big, it had everything: trees, rock formations, river and sand beach. Beijing’s weather was mostly dry and sunny. Quite often I was so immersed in the pleasant moment that the ‘I’ disappeared. Without the host, the unwelcoming guests (i.e. my problems) had to go. As a result, all that left was a liberated happy being.

That walk was like an energy recharge. On my way back, I always felt lighter, happier and stronger.

Look back, I can’t help but think: what would have happened, if I didn’t have that daily escape? I probably had emotionally and mentally collapsed before I had a chance to meet my current husband.

Currently my back garden is serving a similar purpose. It’s not as impressive as that river bank park in Beijing, but it still provides the opportunity to connect with nature and receive its healing.

No matter how bad I may feel, after 5 minutes of breathing fresh air, watching the beautiful blue sky and green trees, and listening to birds singing in my little garden, I normally feel ok again.

Fast-paced modern life presents lots of pressure and stress to every one. Sometimes, it feels that we are being swallowed by our problems, and we have to fight really hard just to get enough air to survive. If you ever feel this way, go to nature and ask for healing. She will never let you down.