All about love (28/05/2020)

If you have ever been interested in motivation or self-improvement, you will almost certainly know Tony Robbins and his famous program ‘Date with Destiny.’ Do you know how Tony got the inspiration to invent this highly regarded program which has helped millions of people change their lives?

Let me tell you a little story. At that time, Tony was already a very successful public speaker and entrepreneur. Although he was still a young man, he was bringing very large income which we average people can only dream of.

To do big events you need a team. The person who induced the birth of this great program was one of Tony’s best managers. He empties the bank account of Tony’s company, and Tony couldn’t pay his bills. Tony’s initial reaction was similar to everyone else’s. He was angry and he felt he was a victim. But he didn’t stay in that state.

He did some intensive self work and managed to calm himself down. Then he asked himself a very important question: What good can come out of this seeming disastrous situation? No answer. So he asked another question: What do I enjoy doing the most? The answer came immediately: help others to become the best version of themselves. This also triggered a train of thought, which gave birth to his highly regarded program, Date with Destiny.

Although I have never been to any of Tony’s Date with Destiny events, I did have a little taste of it by watching a documentary called ‘Tony Robbins: I am not your guru’. It gave a snapshot on a real event. It captured a few face to face interactions between Tony and some participants, who were facing different problems which they could not resolve on their own.

Tony offered them practical solutions to their problems. He even offered to help to train a desperate 26 years old young woman, who had a very traumatic background and wanted to kill herself, so that she can do what he was doing one day. It was so touching that lots of participants cried. Even I felt the tightening of my chest.

Throughout the whole event, I felt love and saw the evidence of it everywhere. That’s why Tony has had such a long successful career. He is not just a talented public speaker, who knows how to make people feel passionate about what he’s talking about. He is much more than that. He wins the world over by sharing his love with those who need it. Love is his secret weapon.

Why is love so powerful and desirable? Because that’s what we are made of. We are love, therefore we are attracted to love. Then why don’t we feel love all the time? We don’t feel love because we close our heart a lot of times (to some people, it’s almost all the time.)

We think with our heart closed, we will not feel the pain and we will not feel vulnerable. That is not true (I’m going to discuss this subject at another time). More importantly, when your heart is closed, you won’t be able to feel your essence, which is love. Is it worth it?