Savoring the moment (29/05/2020)

I have been busy for as long as I can remember. Busy to make a good living, and to pursue my dreams. Because of this almost instinctive way of life I have adopted, I had never really savored life until very recently. I was always living for the future. By doing that, life passed me by, and I felt something very important was missing from my life. I asked the universe to help me find the missing puzzle.

It did. It presented me a few challenges: serious financial problems, my husband’s severe illness and COVID. The high possibility of my husband’s death has forced to re-evaluate my beliefs and lifestyle. Thanks to the spiritual teachings I have learned, I reviewed all the important facts and issues in my life with complete honesty. The result shocked me. I never spent enough time to be with my husband, who I believe is the most important person in my life!

Because I assumed that we would be together forever, or at least one of us dies, which would be at least 30-40 years away. COVID and my husband’s serious health issues mean that he may die in the near future, even tomorrow, because his immune system is extremely weak, and it will become even weaker after his operation which will happen in the next few weeks.

This harsh reality forced me to rethink the priority of the tasks I have to perform everyday. Fortunately my ACCA exam will not happen until early September, which gives me plenty of time to do other things along side my study. So I moved the task of Being with My Husband to the top of my daily to do list, and I have loyally followed it so far.

Now I spend at least 2 hours of quality time with him everyday, which means that I am totally aware during that period of time, rather than thinking about other things whilst sitting with him. The outcome is amazing!

For the first time in my life, I truly understand what ‘Savoring the Moment’ means. It means experiencing the moment with all your being. When you do that with another person, you’ll feel the deepest connection with them without even uttering a word! When you are in that state, there’s no ego, only pure love and peace. It’s a feeling which doesn’t belong to this physical world. There’s no blame, conflict, competition, comparison, only love and peace. It’s very healing.

In my normal state, I sometimes have negative feelings towards my husband, such as resentment, blame, etc. This is especially true when I feel tired or something triggered the residual fear within me, such as after a busy and challenging day, or I discovered that we had to pay for something we couldn’t really afford but had to have.

Now that the ‘Savoring the Moment’ program has been implemented for quite a few weeks, I notice that those negative feelings have been dramatically reduced. Even during a triggering event, I can still manage to stay calm and positive most of the time.

Do you want to know what real love feels like? Then give yourself some time to really savor the moment. That’s the doorway to eternal unconditional love.