The cunning ego (01/06/2020)


Yesterday morning whilst I was doing my morning positivity session, I suddenly had a thought (or was given a thought by Spirit) that I should search online for a book called The Handbook to Higher Consciousness.

It’s a spiritual book which not only teaches spirituality in a simple yet profound way, but also provides step-by-step methods to help readers to grow into higher centers of consciousness, in order to live a happy and peaceful life.

I borrowed this book from the local library probably 3 years ago. I liked it so much that I read it cover to cover 3 times, and also typed some paragraphs into a Word document, so that I could read them again and again.

I have been reading those pages, which I typed before, in the last few weeks, in order to aid my spiritual growth. They did help. But because they are only extracts, underlying theory is not intact. Therefore, I longed to re-read this whole book.

That sudden thought was probably the answer from Spirit. I took action immediately. I was very lucky that I got the pdf of the whole book without any effort at all. As soon as the downloading was finished, I started reading the book. I have spent a lot of hours on this book in the last 2 days. It has helped me to raise my vibration to a very high level and keep it there almost continuously.

As a result, I have been feeling great in the past 2 days. I feel light, positive and very optimistic about my future. However, about 2 hours ago, I suddenly felt insecure again. The trigger was a very nice looking website.

I was doing a small translation project at the time. As part of my work, I had to do a lot of online research. I found this website when doing online research for a specific term. I don’t know why, but I suddenly started comparing my own humble blog with this beautifully presented sophisticated website, and I felt very insecure. I even had thoughts such as: what’s the point to keep writing those posts? My blog looks so shabby. No one would be interested in it any way. Why bother?

Fortunately I had enough conscious awareness, which enabled me to realize what was happening within minutes, at most. To interrupt this train of negative thought, I stopped what I was doing and went for a little walk in our back garden. Bathing in the sunlight and fresh air, my mind became clearer and I started to use one of the methods from the Handbook to Higher Consciousness book.

I started silently telling myself this: I don’t need to feel bad when I see a beautiful website. I don’t need to compare myself and my work to others and their work. I am unique. My work is valuable.

I kept repeating those sentencing in my head, and my mind started to relax. After 5-10 minutes of this exercise, I didn’t criticize myself anymore. Instead I had an urge to write about this experience so that others can benefit from it.

Ego is part of the human experience. It helps to control the amount of information passed onto our consciousness, which is an important job. But it also causes lots of pain and suffering for us, if we don’t consciously keep it under control.

Ego is very cunning. It has many tricks and they evolve as we evolve. Some of those tricks are cleverly disguised, therefore even someone who is well on their way to higher consciousness get stumbled over those tricks. I experienced one of them earlier today.

The key to see through ego’s games is to always remember that you are enough and you are as good as everyone else.

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