Life may not always give you what you want, but it will always give you what you need (02/06/2020)


These days I do a lot of self-reflection on the life I have lived so far. This process often brings me a deep appreciation of the wisdom contained in the some of the sayings I read and heard over the years.

In the last few days, the one which has come up the most is this saying: Life may not always give you what you want, but it will always give you what you need. When I first came across this saying several years ago, I immediately agreed to the first half, but I just couldn’t understand what the second half meant.

The key issue was the meaning of ‘what you need’. At the time I thought it meant what I thought I needed. Based on that assumption, I could easily prove the second half was wrong. Just look at those bad things which happened to me, such as my husband’s long term illness, our financial struggle, etc. I never wanted any of them!

So what is the real meaning of ‘what you need’?

In the last 3 years, I was guided to some excellent spiritual books, which suit my needs perfectly. According those books, ‘what you need’ doesn’t refer to what I think I need at all. Instead it refers to what I need to grow spiritually. Which sometimes is very different from what I think I need.

For example, I may think I need more money. But want I need to grow spiritually may be the opposite. Then life will make sure that I have the opposite. This is exactly what I have been experiencing in the last ten and half years.

Why is it so? It is so because human experience is designed to help us to evolve spiritually. To achieve this target, life has to give us what we need to grow.

With this understanding, I actually start to understand why those bad things happened to me and my husband. Let me give you some examples.

My husband has had two big financial hits in the last 11 years. Both are IT related. There’s a deep reason for this. My husband has been a top IT expert for decades, and he has hated IT for almost equal length of time. He hates it so much that he keeps wanting to get out.

His wish was granted, but not in the way he wanted. He wanted to earn a lot of money for us, then retire. But life took him on to another path, which was not very nice to experience, but leading to the same destination.

I have had the intention to get out of translation for many years. Similar to my husband, my wish was granted as well. But it was reached by a path which I would never have chosen by myself.

We are two-fold beings. Each of us is both a human and a spirit. The person has many dreams, wants and desires. But the spirit only has one goal, which is to evolve. Whether the person wants it or not, the spirit will attract the people and circumstances which are the best for its evolvement.

Therefore, the most delightful way to go through our human experience is to go with the flow of life., and embrace whatever life throws at us with an open heart. This will enable us to receive the maximum amount of guidance and help from our spirit, who is the best advisor you can hope for. Because it can see the big picture which we can’t see, and it has full access to the ocean of universal wisdom and resources. Most importantly, it loves us dearly.

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