Meditate through cooking (20/06/2020)


I have been cooking for my husband and myself for many years. On average, I probably spend about 7-10 hours on cooking every week. In festival seasons or when there are lots of things to celebrate, I probably spend 40-50 percent more time on cooking. Therefore cooking is quite an important part of my life.

To me, cooking is not just a way to get cheap but nutritious and delicious food, but also a way to relax and express my creativity. I quite often change the recipe a little to make the food just a little bit different to please our taste buds.

At this point, you may want to ask: What’s the connection between cooking and meditation? How can I meditate through cooking?

Let me explain.

I discovered this very rewarding meditation method by accident. One day after some intensive accountancy study, I wanted to do cook myself spme braised pork ribs to reward my hard work. So I went to the kitchen and started washing and chopping veg.

Normally when I do cooking, I think a lot. I think about the positive work I have done that day, past events and my bright future. But that day, I wasn’t thinking for some reason. In stead I was totally focused on the cooking activities. I clearly experienced all sorts of details which I normally ignore, such as the touch of the running water on the skin, the texture and smell of the veg I was cutting, the noise it made when I threw the veg into the hot oil, the strong aroma from the frying process, etc.

It felt like I became part of the process, rather than mechanically moving my body to get the job done. That experience was so powerful that it has left a deep impression in my memory. Even now I can still clearly recall those tiny details.

This doesn’t normally happen to me with routine things like cooking. But this particular experience has left a very strong mark in my mind.

It impacted me strongly that day as well. After the cooking, I felt as clear-headed as after a deep meditation. Since then, whenever I do cooking, I always try to give it my full attention. The longer I stay in that state, the clearer my mind becomes afterwards. It’s very similar to meditation.

Meditating in this way has an extra benefit: you’ll be able to enjoy delicious food afterwards. Because your mind is clearer now, the food will taste better as well.

Interested? Then give it a try.

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