Informal meditation, an easy way to get deep rest (21/06/2020)


Today I have had a very busy day. I went to the hospital twice. One to deliver my husband for his MRI scan. The other to collect him. In between those journeys, I went to Tesco to do some shopping.

When we came back from the hospital, I did lots of house work: cooking, washing, cleaning, etc. When I finally sat down, it was already 4:30pm, which means that I have already been active for about 11 hours. I felt physically exhausted.

So I closed my eyes and asked for healing. Then I went into a half awake half sleep state. When I opened my eyes again, 40 minutes have passed. And I felt recharged and calmer. The excitement passed and the calmness returned.

I think of an experience like that as an informal meditation. Its offers similar results to meditation, but it’s less formal than meditation. Because you don’t need to focus on anything. You can just sit there in silence and have a good rest.

This method not only helps me to recharge quickly but also gets me deep rest when I can’t fall into sleep. Because if I have the intention of getting some sleep but can’t fall into sleep, then I often get anxious. But if I don’t have that intention, I won’t have the worry of not being able to sleep. Because of that, quite often my mind simply switches off, so that my body can have the rest it needs to restore the energy level.

Ever since I stopped taking any sleep aids (herbal or chemical), I have used this method a lot whenever I find it difficult to fall into sleep, but my body feels very tired. It often helps calm the mind by removing the pressure caused by the expectation of getting some sleep.

When the mind becomes less active, the body becomes less tense, so that it’s easier for the person to drift into sleep.

If you ever need to quickly recharge your body, or if you are struggling with not being able to sleep, give this one a try. You may be surprised.

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