The healing effect of crystals (26/06/2020)


Recently I bought two healing crystals online. One is a Citrine, which is half white half orange yellow. The other is a Smoky Quartz, which is kind of grayish green.

The Citrine stone is quite big. Its dimensions are roughly 8.3cm x 3.5cm x 2.6cm. The Smoky Quartz is smaller. Its dimensions are roughly 4.0cm x 3.3cm x 2.8cm.

Both are natural stones. Therefore the shapes are not as perfect as man-made products.

The Citrine looked quite good even before the wash. After wash, it looks really beautiful. Although it’s not pure colour, the two colours actually complement each other. It fits perfectly in my hand. I loved it at the first sight.

The Smoky Quartz didn’t look very good just out of the package. Its colour was really dull. Even after wash, it doesn’t look very impressive. It looked so plain that I didn’t believe it was a real crystal.

However what I experienced about 45 minutes ago has really opened my mind on this.

I hardly slept last night. I tried everything, but nothing worked. I managed to fall into sleep probably 1-2 hours before the alarm went off.

Even though I have been very tired, I still have had a very busy day. Therefore I felt absolutely exhausted at about 6:50pm. So I decided to meditate to get some energy. For some reason, I decided to meditate with the two new crystals I received earlier today.

I mediated with each of them for about 10 minutes, then I meditated with the little Clear Quartz necklace (the Clear Quartz is the pendent) my husband gave to me a few days ago. Every time, I held the stone with both of my hands.

All of them made my hands and lower abdomen hot. The two new stones’ effect appeared to be a lot stronger. I guess it was because of their sizes. They are bigger than the Clear Quartz pendent.

The Smoky Quartz is probably 2-3 times as big as the pendent. The Citrine stone is probably 5-6 times as big as the pendent.

Here, size matters A LOT. With the pendent, those parts of my body were comfortably warm. With those bigger ones, those parts of my body were uncomfortably hot. I would even go as far as ‘as hot as in the oven’.

After the 30 minutes meditation, I feel as good as after a good night of sleep. Isn’t that amazing?

This charging effect is much stronger than mediation without healing crystals.

I was so pleased with this extraordinary experience that I immediately logged onto Amazon and wrote a product review for both sellers, which is something I have hardly ever done before.

I also ordered a large Amethyst crystal, which hopefully will arrive tomorrow. I’ll write another post after my meditation with the Amethyst crystal. Because it relates to different chakras, and it may be even bigger than the Citrine. Therefore the experience should be quite different.

It should also help with sleep. I can only report on that after I have had it for a while.

The Reiki attunements I received from my husband may have played a part in today’s experience. I don’t know if someone, who has not had those attunements, would experience a similarly powerful charging effect from those crystals.

Speaking of Reiki, my husband is currently offering free remote Reiki healing. If you are interested, go to his blog ( Request For Free Reiki Healing Note this opens in a new tab ) and have a look. It won’t cost you anything. You may be nicely surprised.

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