Reiki Healing (28/06/2020)


According to the Reiki book I read (Essential Reiki: A complete guide to an ancient healing), Reiki is as old as human race. It’s basically an energy healing system which helps heal the body, mind and soul at the energy level.

I am still very new to Reiki healing. I only started my Reiki journey about 2-3 weeks ago, yet it has already made significant impact on my life.

First, because of the two attunements I received, my energy level has noticeably increased, and I have more clarity in thinking and feel more detached to the physical world, which means more peace.

Second, because of the self-healing I’ve been doing, my overall health has been improved a lot. Even my hay fever symptoms (such as itchy eyes, running nose, sneeze, etc) have been reduced.

Third, this is also the most important benefit for me, I don’t feel helpless about my husband’s recovery anymore, now that I can give him healing almost everyday.

So far, I have seen two major benefits in this area.

1. After each healing session, he sleeps for about 1-2 hours, which is very good. Because good sleep is quite rare in his life currently.

I normally give him healing after I finish what I need to do for the day, which is around 8-8:30 pm. The healing process normally lasts about 40 minutes – 1 hour. After the healing session, I watch some TV to relax. He enjoys a good sleep.

2. The interval between two drains on his belly has grown from 2 weeks to 4 weeks. Since the passage between his liver and kidneys doesn’t work properly, some of the waste liquid produced by the liver can’t go to his kidneys as it should. As a result, the liquid accumulates in his belly, which needs to be drained from time to time.

Previously, the interval decreased quite fast to 2 weeks. But the interval between the last one and the one before was 4 weeks. And the liquid drained last Wednesday was relatively modest as well.

Since medication is still the same as before, the only major change is the added Reiki healing from me, I believe my healing is making positive contribution to his recovery. This makes me very happy. Because the main reason why I started my Reiki journey was to help him and myself heal. It appears that I am making progress towards this objective.

Based on all the positive changes I have experienced since I started my Reiki journey 2-3 weeks, I am now a passionate Reiki believer and supporter.

If you are looking for a method to heal yourself or bring positive changes into your life, give Reiki a try. It’s easy, effective and will only do good.

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