I almost had a panic attack (29/06/2020)


I almost had a panic attack earlier this morning.

I’m currently studying ACCA SBL course with Kaplan Financial. They are running a Booster course for the September exam. There’s a Booster exam in this additional course.

Since a SBL exam takes 4 hours, I planned to take this Booster exam this morning from 6:30am to 10am.

To honour this promise I made to myself yesterday, I got up at 6am, an hour earlier than usual. I did a little positive work, then went to Mykaplan trying to take this mock exam.

To my surprise, after I clicked the link, there was nothing there. I only saw two big words, COMING SOON. I tried to go back. After I clicked the Back button, the Booster course disappeared from the screen.

At this point, I started to feel heat building up in my body. I knew I was getting uptight. I thought to myself, ‘OK. I’ll practice those CBE mock exams on ACCA’s website instead.’

I went to ACCA’s website, but I was refused the access. I tried to log in a few time, but was rejected each time. At this point I panicked. I felt very hot, and I couldn’t think clearly. I even started having irrational thoughts, such as ‘maybe I have lost my student membership somehow. If that’s the case, all the money and time I’ve spent on this over the last 3 years would have been wasted!’

Fortunately the panic didn’t last for very long. I’d only been there for at most 5-10 minutes, then I suddenly realized: what’s the non-sense? It’s not the end of the world. Even if I had lost my membership (which is not likely), I would still be OK. The more likely reason for this is that there’s a problem with ACCA website, which had happened before. There’s no reason why it is not happening now.

With this realization, the heat I felt in my body started to reduce, and my thinking ability returned. I thought to myself, ‘I don’t have to practice those exams today. I still have two months before the real exam. Let’s wait until tomorrow.’

I went back to MyKaplan. This time I clicked a link for this Booster course from a previous email, and I got the Booster course back on to the screen. Things are back to normal again.

This can be applied to every life situation. Events and situations themselves are neutral. The way we experience them is specific to each one of us. Two people who attended the same event may have very different experiences.

Why? Because most of us don’t experience the reality as is. Instead we experience it through a set of filters, which are our personal beliefs and habitual thoughts. In other words, our mind create the world we experience.

How to turn a negative world into a positive world? Replace those negative stuff which are residents of your mind with positive ones, by working on yourself daily.

The progress may not be obvious everyday. But if you compare how you are now to how you will be in a year, the contrast will be as strong as day and night.

Living a calm and peaceful life is possible. But you have to work on yourself daily to make your inner world calm and peaceful. The peaceful mind will create a peaceful world for you to enjoy.

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