My Amthyst Healing Crystal (04/07/2020)


About a week ago I received my Amythyst healing crystal. When it first arrived, it didn’t look very attractive. The colour was pale purple even after the wash, rather than the deep rich purple I expected.

However the energy flow emanated from the stone was quite strong regardless the unattractive appearance. During my first meditation with the stone, I saw some interesting colours after I closed my eyes. At first it was deep rich purple, then it changed into a deep rich blue. Both my Third Eye and Crown felt a pleasant hot sensation. In addition, I felt strong energy flow in both of my arms.

I have slept with all my healing crystals every night since I received them. Therefore, I have slept with my Amythyst for a week now. The quality of my sleep has noticeably improved. I enjoy one long continuous sleep every night. I am very pleased about that.

The colour of the Amythyst has deepened a lot. Parts of it have become deep purple. In addition, it starts to shine. Now when I meditate with it, I don’t see any colourful lights, but the energy flow in my arms and heat in different chacras have not been weakened in any way. In stead, the heat becomes stronger than before.

Earlier today, when I was meditating with all my stones, my heart and solar plexus chacras were burning. I got so hot that I had to take off my shirt.

Speaking of the heat, I should mention another benefit of having healing crystals. Because now I have quite a lot of healing crystals with me whist doing Reiki healing, my hands and body are a lot hotter than before when I do Reiki healing. I almost always need to take off my shirt after a few positions.

To make sure that I can get the most out of my stones, I always keep them close to me when I am home. I meditate with them and I sleep with them. Both I and the stones have benefited from this intimacy. They have deepened in colour and become more shiny. I not only can recharge my energy level more effectively, but also sleep better and feel more calm and peaceful (I haven’t experienced a prolonged period of dark mood for quite a while).

If you are looking for ways to bring more peace and positivity into your life, I encourage you to try healing crystals. They do make a difference.

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