Even if only one person benefits from it, it’s worth doing. (06/07/2020)


Like many people, I doubt myself from time to time. This is especially true when it comes to my blog. Because I can’t see how it’s going to change my life, and I have a long to-do list everyday.

The reason why I had time to write those posts in the past 2-3 months was because I temporarily put my accountancy study aside, because of the extra 3 months I got because of the cancellation of June sitting of the SBL exam. Now that I have to give it back its top priority to ensure that I will pass the exam in a few weeks, I find it very difficult to spare sometime to write posts for my blog.

I have already missed quite a few days, because I failed to find time to write posts. To make it worse, I even start to doubt my choice of doing this blog in the first place. ‘Because I can’t see the point.’ Doesn’t that sound familiar?

But that’s not true. There is a point. Because it’s doing good to at least one person, me. Although I haven’t received anything tangible for doing my blog, I have benefited a lot in an intangible way.

It gives me a place to express how I feel about things in clear written words, rather than some vague random thoughts. This clarity has helped me tremendously in my spiritual and personal growth. I could never have gained so much self-confidence and writing skills without this blog. Both of them are fundamental to the success of my SBL exam and life in general.

That’s why I have paused my study this evening to write this post, which hopefully will benefit someone else as well.

Humans have been lost for a very long time. We have become too focused on the material gains and losses, and the little me. That’s why so many of us are so worried, afraid and generally unhappy everyday.

We are not put on this physical plane to gain anything other than experience and growth. We can’t carry our money, house, expensive possessions and fame to the other side, can we? What we can carry is experience and love.

This is why ‘Even if only one person benefits from it, it’s worth doing.’ It’s worth doing because you shared your creation, which brings a smile on someone else’s face.

When this becomes everyone’s motto, we won’t need to search for Heaven. Because the Earth will become the Heaven.

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