How to get long lasting happiness? (07/07/2020)


Earlier today I cooked some Yorkshire puddings for my husband. He wanted to have them with some of the roast chicken he cooked the other day.

My initial plan was to only do the cooking, and not touch any of the puddings. Because they contain a little more calories than my liking. Beside, they are made of white flour, which won’t do any good to my constipation.

However, today’s puddings were extremely appealing. The golden brown top looked so delicious that I found it impossible to say no to them. So I decided to have one with golden syrup as a reward for the starvation I experienced in the morning, which was necessary for the ultrasound scan I had earlier.

Since both of us were eating, we shared about 15 minutes of time together. He had his roast. I had my Yorkshire pudding with golden syrup. It was as good as I remembered. We didn’t say anything, simply enjoyed our food, with the TV playing in the background.

Although it was only a simple meal in our humble home, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Compared to the life I had when I first arrived in England almost 11 years ago, it’s hard to believe that I am actually happier now than then.

Back then, I had a lot more than now. My husband’s health was a lot better, and our finances were a lot better. And I certainly looked a lot better then than now. Yet I was deeply unhappy. In fact, a lot of times I wasn’t even there. What I mean is I was so immersed in the unbearable emotional pain from my past that I wasn’t even aware what was happening in my life ‘now’.

In other words, I wasn’t aware enough to appreciate what I did have in those days. That was the root reason why I was so unhappy. I was unhappy because I didn’t see and appreciate what was there in my life, not because I couldn’t afford this or that.

Does that sound familiar to you? If so and if you do want to be happy, then start value and appreciate what you do have.

Everyone has a lot to be grateful for. Even if you are homeless right now, you still have your life, natural environment, air, etc. Aren’t they worth celebrating for?

Things don’t make us happy or unhappy. We do. Don’t worry about those expensive brands you can’t afford, that highly desirable job which is just out of your reach, etc.

You don’t need them to be happy. They can’t bring you long lasting happiness anyway. How do I know? Because I used to be in that trap.

Long last happiness can’t be found outside of you. It resides in your heart and can be released with gratitude. It’s that simple.

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