Reiki III attunement, an extraordinary experience (12/07/2020)


Last Thursday I received my Reiki III attunement from my husband, a Reiki master. The attunement itself was relatively fast. It probably lasted about 15 minutes.

At the end of the process both of my palms had a burning sensation, which was stronger than the one I had after my Reiki II attunement. It felt as if some symbols had been burnt into my palms.

That burning sensation lasted for 1-2 hours. Before it ended, I started to have a burning sensation on my crown chakra, the top of my head. That one lasted for many hours. And it felt stronger than the one in my palms.

When the pain became unbearable, I prayed to my spirit guide asking her to help me ease the pain. I knew her existence through my husband. He told me that she’s been with me for my whole life. She knows everything about me (which made me blush knowing that she had witnessed all my stupid mistakes. But I’m ok with that now.), and she always does her best to help me.

That day I directly and consciously experienced her existence for the first time, even though I did not see or hear her. A short while after my prayer, the pain in my crown chakra was noticeably reduced. But that effect didn’t last for very long. When the pain became unbearable again, I asked for her help again. I repeated that process quite a few times before I went to bed.

The sleep of that night was not great. It took me quite a while to fall into sleep. At about 1:30 am I woke up from a bad dream. Then I discovered that my whole body was burning. It felt as though I was in a hot oven being cooked.

I did everything I could trying to go back to sleep. What actually worked was a meditation session. It calmed my mind and I finally got a little more sleep. But I woke up quite early in the morning. And I felt ill for quite a while.

The extraordinary experience happened the next night. When I went to bed, everything was ok. I didn’t have any physical discomfort. I was just tired. Again it was difficult for me to fall into sleep. When I finally did, it didn’t last very long.

I woke up around 2am. My whole body was burning and vibrating. The vibration was so violent that it felt like I was biking on stairs. I did pray for help, but the burning and vibrating didn’t stop immediately.

When they finally stopped, I got up and went to my little office trying to meditate. But before I sat down on my seat, the burning and vibration returned. My body was vibrating so hard that I couldn’t do my normal lotus posture. Even normal sitting position was very uncomfortable. And my heart started beating like crazy.

I managed to get up and went back to bed. And I started to pray asking my guide to slow down the heart beat and vibration because it was bearable for me. Again they didn’t stop immediately. When things finally calmed down I was so exhausted that I fell into sleep effortlessly.

Next morning, I told my husband what happened. He explained that the burning sensation and the fast heart beat were probably caused by the movement of large amount of energy within my body. The vibration was probably the result of my body trying to adapt to the largely enhanced energy flow as a result of the attunement.

He did warn me that Reiki III attunement was very serious. It normally took the body a few weeks even months to adapt to the greatly enhanced energy flow. During that process, I may experience lots of physical discomfort.

Now I understand what that means. Although I don’t regret for having had the attunement, I do agree with him that I should have waited for a little longer.

However, there are benefits. Although only a couple of days have passed since the attunement, I have already noticed that I am less emotionally tangled with the material stuff, i.e. I feel less disturbed by what happens in the physical world, and more peaceful and calm.

In addition, I am more sure and confident about myself. Therefore, challenges feel less threatening.

Earlier today I did a ACCA SBL mock exam, which was timed. I managed to answer all the questions within the 4 hour time frame, even though I was physically unwell for quite a while during the exam.

Before, I was quite worried about not being able to complete the exam within the time limit. Now I know I can do it.

Reiki is an amazing healing system. It heals at three levels: physical, emotional and spiritual. It heals the patient and the healer at the same time. And it only does good, no side effects. If you are looking for healing, try Reiki.

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