Life will always show you where you truly are (15/07/2020)


I read about this statement in a book I really respect and love a while ago: Life will always show you where you truly are. It’s so true. About an hour ago, I experienced this wise teaching in real life.

I asked a few questions for the project I was working on, in order to clarify the exact meaning of a few multi-meaning terms. The answers were written in a way that made me feel that she was telling me that I was an idiot to ask those questions.

It actually upset me, even though I knew that everything in this physical world is just a part of a universal game. Fortunately I had enough awareness to not show a equal hostility back to that person. I did what I needed to do in an emotionally neutral way. But inside I was quite upset.

When I went downstairs to offer my husband any help he needed, I mentioned this event and added, ‘Sometimes, I really want to punch the person in the face.’ After I said that, I suddenly realized that the universe just showed me where I was at the moment via that little ‘unpleasant’ incident.

After I realized that, I started laughing. How many times have I done something like that to others when I was not in a good mood? Hundred, probably. It’s just part of being human. We all do that in one way or another. Why should I ever waste my time and energy on a stupid thing like that?

Before this event, I was so sure that I had passed the stage where I get upset by trivial things. Now I know I’m not there yet. Yes, I am getting better. I am now aware enough to not react in an equally negative way to create further conflict and unhappiness, but I am still upset by them. Therefore I need to do more work on myself to grow my conscious awareness.

You see, my friend, the universe will always show us the truth.

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