Laugh as much as you can (19/07/2020)


Whilst we were having our dinner together, we watched a little bit of an old comedy film, Hot Shot. It was so funny that I laughed a lot and felt a lot lighter afterwards.

I am not always like this. I used to be serious. I was so serious that I actually thought comedy stories or shows were a waste of time. Because I was so serious, life felt heavy. Sometimes, it was so heavy that I worried that I might be crushed by it.

In those days I was deeply attracted to heavy stories, such as crime, tragedy, etc. Of course, they made me feel even heavier than before I read or watched them.

I didn’t know why I was attracted to heavy stories in those days. Now I do. The reason is very simple: those stories can help feed my emotional pain.

I learned this from Eckhart Tolle’s books, The Power of Now and The New Earth.

When something ‘bad’ has happened, we normally experience a negative emotion. If we simply experience it when it happens, then it will quick pass through our system. Everything will go back to normal. But if we refuse to face it (this is what most of us do automatically), it will be stored in our body. This stored emotional pain is a living thing. It needs feeding, just like us.

When it’s hungry, it will make its host do things which will produce the negative emotions, such as sad stories and conflicts, so that it can feed.

This theory fits very well with my experience. Before, I carried a lot of emotional pain inside. Therefore I was deeply attracted to heavy stuff which stimulated negative emotions in me.

Now, I don’t have that mountain of pain inside anymore. Since the driver is gone, I don’t feel deeply attracted to heavy things any more. In stead, I want to feel good from the deep of my heart. That’s why I am attracted to happy stories, especially comedy and children’s stories.

The better I feel, the better my life becomes.

You see, we create our own lives by the way we feel about ourselves and life in general. Therefore, laugh as much as you can, so that you’ll attract more things which will make you laugh.

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