Enjoy what we do have (20/07/2020)


Last night, we watched quite an unusual old film, Michael. It’s about an angel called Michael. What touches my the most is the way Michael enjoys his short journey on Earth.

He did all sorts of seemingly childish, even crazy things just to have fun, such as head butting with a bull, visiting the world’s biggest non-stick frying pan, etc.

Whatever he was doing, he wholeheartedly enjoyed it, without worrying about what others may think of him. That reminds me of myself as a very young child, when I didn’t have the concept of the self.

But he could also be serious. For example, when he was asked to give back the little dog’s life after it was killed by a truck, he did what he was asked to do even though it was not his area of expertise and it shortened his journey on Earth significantly.

That’s exactly what spirits are like, based on all the books and talks I have read / listened to on this subject.

It’s also a wonderful way to experience the human life. Don’t you think?

Life is too short to be miserable. Most of the things in life are out of our control any way, such as weather, the economic condition, even when we are going to die.

Therefore it’s meaningless to waste our precious time on Earth on feeling worried, or unhappy in general. Why don’t we simply appreciate and enjoy what we do have, so that when it’s our time to say goodbye we won’t feel that we haven’t truly lived?

What can’t control what happens, but we can absolutely control how we feel. Why not choose happiness?

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