Don’t resist ‘bad’ experience (21/07/2020)


Kongfu Panda films are definitely on my ‘favorite films’ list. I re-watch them from time to time, especially when I want to feel good or be inspired. Sometimes a specific scene of wisdom comes into mymind for no obvious reason. This happened to me when I was in the toilet a few minutes.

It was about a conversation between Panda and Master Shifu after Panda has earned the respect as a dragon warrior. Master Shifu told Panda that the worst thing he had ever experienced was when Panda was chosen to be the dragon warrior.

He used lots of words to describe how bad he felt when that happened. But when he finally accepted it, he found the inner peace he’d been pursuing for years. And Panda also brought peace to the valley as promised.

That reminds me of one of the worse experiences I had last year. It was about a piece of translation I delivered. The subject was a piece of marketing material. I did a very good job on it. The translation was accurate and read well. But the client of the translation agency I worked with said it was a piece of shit. Of course, they used more polite words, but the basic meaning was that.

And they changed the translation completely. A few weeks later, they came back with a new task for the same piece of translation they produced by themselves. The task was to separate the Chinese text into segments in exactly the same way as that of the English.

To do that, the translation has to be absolutely accurate. If there’s any deviation, part of the task will become undo-able. When that happens, I need to explain why that’s the case. I.e. what the Chinese text is actually saying and where the deviation is, etc.

The final version of the document looked quite funny. The explanation I provided was extremely long, because there were so many deviations. And to make the points clear, I had to use different colours for different deviations. Therefore, you can image how colourful the Chinese text has become.

Since there were so many serious deviations, the client actually changed the wording and the way they separated the English text, in order to make the final document look acceptable.

It became such a comedy that the original bitterness was completely gone, and my husband and I used it to amuse ourselves for quite a few weeks.

I was so glad that I didn’t run away from that bad experience. I faced it even though I felt bad at the time.

Looking back I can see how much growth I have gained from it. Because of it, I do not run away from any difficult situation any more. No matter how bad it is, I will face it.

You see, life brings us bad experiences and horrible people to help us grow, rather than torture us.

Master Shifu wanted inner peace. Life brought him Panda. Although he suffered tremendously in the beginning, when he finally accepted the situation, he obtained the inner peace he desired.

Don’t resist ‘bad’ experience. It’s a stepping stone to something better.

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