Don’t let anything scar you for life (24/07/2020)


Yesterday I felt emotionally down for a little while, because I felt that I needed a direction, but I couldn’t find one, even though I had been asking for a direction during my meditation for quite a while. Therefore I felt lost and let down.

In order to restore my positivity, I did lots of meditation. I also received some Reiki healing from my husband. That experience was quite extraordinary.

I didn’t know he was giving me healing in advance. I just entered a meditative state, then I felt a huge pair of hands wrapping around me, almost like a pair of bird wings. The feeling was so warm and comforting that I almost wanted to sleep. Of course I didn’t, because I wasn’t physically tired. I simply enjoyed the pleasant sensation.

Then I felt my head was immersed in a soft white light. The effect of the combination of the big hands and the white light was beyond words. All I can say about the whole experience was that it was extraordinary.

Last night when we were relaxing, we watched two old films which both of us loved: Ratatouille and Kungfu Panda II. The latter contains the message which I want to talk about today.

At the end of the film, when Panda defeated Peacock, Peacock asked Panda how he managed to find peace when he knew that Peacock killed his parents. Panda said that he simply let past be past, then he tried to persuade Peacock to do the same.

This is the message I want to get across here: No matter what happened in the past, don’t let it scar you for life. Simply let past be past and move on.

I know it’s not easy to do, especially when you feel so justified to hold onto that painful past, because you were wronged and you can’t just let it go. The wrong-doer has to be punished before you can let it go.

I understand that, because I used to be in that trapped position. I used to feel that if I let the painful past go, then I am doing myself wrong, because those people who hurt me haven’t been punished.

Sometimes I felt I could not let it go, because I didn’t stand up to protect myself. In other words, I let others hurt me. How could I forgive myself for that?

Sometimes I felt I could not let it go, because I hurt others, even though if felt right at the time. Now when I look back, it’s so obvious that I hurt others simply to get back on them. When I saw that, I felt so guilty that I couldn’t forgive myself, because I didn’t feel I deserve forgiveness.

If any of the above situations sounds familiar to you, it’s time to forgive. Forgive yourself, and forgive others. Why? Because what’s happened has already happened. No one can change that. No matter how bad you feel about it, it’s done, gone, unchangeable.

The negative emotion you feel now will attract more negative stuff into your current and future life. That’s universal law. Like attracts like. No one can change that either.

Therefore what good will come out of your holding on to a painful past? None. Only more painful experience.

Do you really want that?

If you don’t, then pick yourself up and start working on yourself now, and every day afterwards. That’s the only thing which is actually worth doing. Why? Because it’s the path to long lasting, heart felt happiness, which everyone wants to experience.

What’s the point of living if you are not happy?

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