I finally started my big project (25/07/2020)


I had a tough day last Thursday. When I got up in the morning, I was fine, feeling as peaceful as I usual do these day. But for some reason, my mood plummeted in a matter of less than ten minutes. At about 3:30pm, I had to stop the past exam I was doing and started meditating. Other than little breaks here and there to check my email, check up on my husband and go to toilet, I spent the rest of that day on meditation.

My husband also sent me some Reiki healing, because he noticed I was flat. Meditation and healing helped me bring back the positivity and peace. When I went down stairs relaxing with my husband in the evening, I felt peaceful and serene.

At about 10:30pm I came back to my little office to do my last meditation for that day. At end of the meditation, I had a clear thought ( I wasn’t and still am not sure if it was a message from the universe or my own thought): You have two options for your first book. You either write a story based on your life, or you write your translation experience.

I didn’t think too much about it that night. I fell into sleep quickly and had a wonderful sleep. The next morning as soon as I woke up, I started comparing those two options.

If I wrote a book about translation experience and I was lucky enough to get it published, even if it became a highly respected book in the industry, the number of the readers would be quite limited compared to a popular story book. Besides, I myself has never really been into professional books. What I am passionate about is stories. In fact, I have been passionate about stories since I was a very young kid.

Therefore, I should do the story option. As soon as I made up my mind, I went to my little office and started the first chapter. Because I knew too well: If I didn’t start now, I may never do it.

I have been writing this story in the last 2 days. So far so good. Every day I hit my target.

What is really amazing is that ever since I started working on this big project, the confusion I felt in the past few weeks was gone. What ever the project will become, I believe it’s necessary stepping stone to my bright future, which I have been shown again and again.

Thank God, I’ve found the courage to take this step.

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