A big realization (01/08/2020)


Have you ever wondered why you made those wrong turns and mistakes? I have. In fact for a long time, I felt that I had been unfairly treated by life, therefore felt quite bitter about it. A few nights ago, I suddenly received the answer to the big ‘WHY?’

It happened quite unexpectedly. I had a productive day that day. I made lots of progress and exceeded my schedule for my big project. When I finally sat down to relax with my husband, I was exhausted but content. My husband let me choose whatever I wanted to watch as usual. To save time and effort, I simply selected the animation recommended by Netflix that night, Animal Crackers.

It was a quite imaginative story. The heart of the story was a magical box, which always produced a full box of magical animal crackers. If you ate one of those crackers, you would immediately turn into the animal which it represented.

Since the film was lighthearted, I drifted into a half awake half sleep state, which was the reason why I liked that type of stories. Because they helped prepare my mind for a good night of sleep.

Whilst I was in that relaxed state, a clear thought suddenly appeared in my mind: The reason why I made those wrong choices, experienced those difficulties was because they made my life colourful, which would make a good read if I wrote it into a novel. If I had a smooth, easy and successful life with no mistakes and difficulties, then the story would not be very interesting. I would certainly not want to read it as an experienced reader.

Then I further realized that the reason why I couldn’t do this story until now. There are two main reasons: First, I need to have certain level of self-confidence to follow this whole thing through. It would not be easy to write the story. It would be even harder to get it published properly and make something out of it.

Second, my spiritual development needs to reach certain level, so that I could see clearly that all is just a story. Nothing more, nothing less. Otherwise, I would not have the strength to face what I have to face to get to the other side.

This two fold realization helped me to see the deeper meaning of a saying I heard / read many times in the last few years: There are no accidents. Everything is exactly the way it is meant to be.

The universe doesn’t make mistakes. We do. Lots of them. But are they really mistakes? Is it possible that they are merely stepping stones to something greater?

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