How to get long lasting happiness? (07/07/2020)

Earlier today I cooked some Yorkshire puddings for my husband. He wanted to have them with some of the roast chicken he cooked the other day.

My initial plan was to only do the cooking, and not touch any of the puddings. Because they contain a little more calories than my liking. Beside, they are made of white flour, which won’t do any good to my constipation.

However, today’s puddings were extremely appealing. The golden brown top looked so delicious that I found it impossible to say no to them. So I decided to have one with golden syrup as a reward for the starvation I experienced in the morning, which was necessary for the ultrasound scan I had earlier.

Since both of us were eating, we shared about 15 minutes of time together. He had his roast. I had my Yorkshire pudding with golden syrup. It was as good as I remembered. We didn’t say anything, simply enjoyed our food, with the TV playing in the background.

Although it was only a simple meal in our humble home, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Compared to the life I had when I first arrived in England almost 11 years ago, it’s hard to believe that I am actually happier now than then.

Back then, I had a lot more than now. My husband’s health was a lot better, and our finances were a lot better. And I certainly looked a lot better then than now. Yet I was deeply unhappy. In fact, a lot of times I wasn’t even there. What I mean is I was so immersed in the unbearable emotional pain from my past that I wasn’t even aware what was happening in my life ‘now’.

In other words, I wasn’t aware enough to appreciate what I did have in those days. That was the root reason why I was so unhappy. I was unhappy because I didn’t see and appreciate what was there in my life, not because I couldn’t afford this or that.

Does that sound familiar to you? If so and if you do want to be happy, then start value and appreciate what you do have.

Everyone has a lot to be grateful for. Even if you are homeless right now, you still have your life, natural environment, air, etc. Aren’t they worth celebrating for?

Things don’t make us happy or unhappy. We do. Don’t worry about those expensive brands you can’t afford, that highly desirable job which is just out of your reach, etc.

You don’t need them to be happy. They can’t bring you long lasting happiness anyway. How do I know? Because I used to be in that trap.

Long last happiness can’t be found outside of you. It resides in your heart and can be released with gratitude. It’s that simple.

Even if only one person benefits from it, it’s worth doing. (06/07/2020)

Like many people, I doubt myself from time to time. This is especially true when it comes to my blog. Because I can’t see how it’s going to change my life, and I have a long to-do list everyday.

The reason why I had time to write those posts in the past 2-3 months was because I temporarily put my accountancy study aside, because of the extra 3 months I got because of the cancellation of June sitting of the SBL exam. Now that I have to give it back its top priority to ensure that I will pass the exam in a few weeks, I find it very difficult to spare sometime to write posts for my blog.

I have already missed quite a few days, because I failed to find time to write posts. To make it worse, I even start to doubt my choice of doing this blog in the first place. ‘Because I can’t see the point.’ Doesn’t that sound familiar?

But that’s not true. There is a point. Because it’s doing good to at least one person, me. Although I haven’t received anything tangible for doing my blog, I have benefited a lot in an intangible way.

It gives me a place to express how I feel about things in clear written words, rather than some vague random thoughts. This clarity has helped me tremendously in my spiritual and personal growth. I could never have gained so much self-confidence and writing skills without this blog. Both of them are fundamental to the success of my SBL exam and life in general.

That’s why I have paused my study this evening to write this post, which hopefully will benefit someone else as well.

Humans have been lost for a very long time. We have become too focused on the material gains and losses, and the little me. That’s why so many of us are so worried, afraid and generally unhappy everyday.

We are not put on this physical plane to gain anything other than experience and growth. We can’t carry our money, house, expensive possessions and fame to the other side, can we? What we can carry is experience and love.

This is why ‘Even if only one person benefits from it, it’s worth doing.’ It’s worth doing because you shared your creation, which brings a smile on someone else’s face.

When this becomes everyone’s motto, we won’t need to search for Heaven. Because the Earth will become the Heaven.

My Amthyst Healing Crystal (04/07/2020)

About a week ago I received my Amythyst healing crystal. When it first arrived, it didn’t look very attractive. The colour was pale purple even after the wash, rather than the deep rich purple I expected.

However the energy flow emanated from the stone was quite strong regardless the unattractive appearance. During my first meditation with the stone, I saw some interesting colours after I closed my eyes. At first it was deep rich purple, then it changed into a deep rich blue. Both my Third Eye and Crown felt a pleasant hot sensation. In addition, I felt strong energy flow in both of my arms.

I have slept with all my healing crystals every night since I received them. Therefore, I have slept with my Amythyst for a week now. The quality of my sleep has noticeably improved. I enjoy one long continuous sleep every night. I am very pleased about that.

The colour of the Amythyst has deepened a lot. Parts of it have become deep purple. In addition, it starts to shine. Now when I meditate with it, I don’t see any colourful lights, but the energy flow in my arms and heat in different chacras have not been weakened in any way. In stead, the heat becomes stronger than before.

Earlier today, when I was meditating with all my stones, my heart and solar plexus chacras were burning. I got so hot that I had to take off my shirt.

Speaking of the heat, I should mention another benefit of having healing crystals. Because now I have quite a lot of healing crystals with me whist doing Reiki healing, my hands and body are a lot hotter than before when I do Reiki healing. I almost always need to take off my shirt after a few positions.

To make sure that I can get the most out of my stones, I always keep them close to me when I am home. I meditate with them and I sleep with them. Both I and the stones have benefited from this intimacy. They have deepened in colour and become more shiny. I not only can recharge my energy level more effectively, but also sleep better and feel more calm and peaceful (I haven’t experienced a prolonged period of dark mood for quite a while).

If you are looking for ways to bring more peace and positivity into your life, I encourage you to try healing crystals. They do make a difference.

The affirmation that has changed my life (02/07/2020)

Positive affirmations have been part of my daily routine for over 3 years. To keep it fresh, I switch between different affirmations. But there are a few which I use almost everyday. The one I’m going to talk about is one of those regulars.

To help you better understand why this specific affirmation has had such a big impact on my life, I’ll tell you a little about my background, especially my childhood.

I was born to a couple of school teachers. During my childhood both China as a country and my family were suffering from serious lack in almost everything, including necessities such as food.

This experience of lack has been an almost constant theme of my life. I actually only experienced material abundance for about three and half years in my 46 years of human life.

Because of this background, I had had a deep sense of lack for many years, which inspired me to have an aspiration to create great material wealth and abundance in my life. I did achieve certain level of material abundance for a little while, but I was deeply unhappy and I had to work stupid hours every day as an exchange.

Therefore, the first time I saw the following affirmation, I was drawn to it even thought I didn’t believe it to begin with: I always have enough to be happy.

When I saw it the first time, I thought to myself, ‘This feels so fake, because I haven’t had enough to be happy for most of my life.’ Even so, I decided to include it in my daily positivity session. Because I was so desperate to feel happy that even if there was only a tiny bit of possibility of its effectiveness, I was willing to give it a try.

In the first few weeks, it did feel unnatural. Because I didn’t feel that I had enough to be happy. For example, because we were so short of money that I had been buying all of our outer clothes and a lot of other things from charity shops for quite a few years. How can I feel that I had enough to be happy, when the facts indicate otherwise?

But I persisted. I continued to tell myself that I always had enough to be happy, although I felt uncomfortable and unnatural. Basically, it was a ‘fake it until you believe it’ strategy.

After a while, I started to notice that I did not feel the strong sense of lack any more. Yes, I was very aware that we couldn’t lots of things which were considered necessities. But I did not feel as strongly as before that I had to have this or that before I could feel happy.

For example, if I saw a pair of comfy shoes which I couldn’t afford, I would feel very sad for quite a while (days, even weeks) before. But now I only felt a little sad. And the emotion died out very quickly.

The weakening process of my deep-rooted sense of lack has been going on for a long time. Now I have actually achieved a state where I do believe the statement is true. In other words, I do believe that I always have enough to be happy. And I can tell you why.

Have you ever thought about this: why am I feeling happy when certain things happen, but unhappy when other things happen?

The answer is simple yet profound. We feel happy when we are willing to emotionally accept what happens. We feel unhappy when we are not willing to emotionally accept what happens.

Now that you know the working of happy feeling, you should be able to work out why one can feel that one always has enough to be happy.

We can have the happy feeling no matter what our circumstances are. All we need to do is to be willing to accept what is. That’s what very young kids do naturally.

Embarrassment is part of human life (01/07/2020)

In the last few days, I keep having the feeling that I should share my thoughts on embarrassment. Thank God, today I can finally sit down and write about it.

I experienced my first big embarrassment test when I was seventeen and half years old. It was the summer of 1991. I attended China’s National University Entrance Exams in the early July and received the results a few weeks later.

Shortly after the exams but before the results were published, we were given the correct answers for the exams, and were required to estimate our results, then complete and submit an application form indicating which universities we would like to apply for.

Since my estimates were far below the requirements of top universities, which I wanted to go to, I even did not bothered to complete the form. I went straight to the cram school which was run by the high school I graduated from and secured a place in its best class, which was very easy because my results were actually good enough for me to get a place in a ‘second class’ university, which made me the best student in that cram school.

After I’d done that I suddenly realized the embarrassment and even shame I had to face, because I failed to get into a university at my first attempt and had to go to a cram school.

Although most high school graduates in my hometown had to go to a cram school, cram schools and their students were looked down. In those days, my skin was extremely thin and my self-confidence was almost zero.

Therefore, I started worrying about the embarrassment and shame I had to face the moment I received my results. And those worries had accompanied me for the whole year, until I achieved a huge success at my second attempt.

My worries were successfully realized. I experienced lots of embarrassing moments, such as encountering an ex-classmate who successfully enrolled into a university in street, and they called my name before I had time to turn away; being asked by one of my parents’ colleagues / friends about my exam results in street, etc.

Every time I was so embarrassed that my face turned bright red and I couldn’t look at the person in the eye. Sometimes I even wished I was dead. Speaking of that, quite a few ‘losers’ killed themselves because they couldn’t face the life afterwards.

The thing which kept me going was the belief that there’s a better life waiting for me far far away. I was right. I managed to get a place in the most desirable university, Tsinghua University, next year.

However, I did not life happily after. I did experience lot of happiness only for a little while. In that university I experienced even more and greater embarrassments.

In that university, I encountered the most fierce competition I have ever experienced. Having been selected amongst top students in different provinces throughout China, these students were both smart and extremely hard-working. I actually formed my work attitude there, which is 7 days a weeks, 10-12 hours a day. No weekend. No holidays.

This work work attitude has helped me to become excellent in several different areas. But in that university, it didn’t give me any advantages. I did my best. But I was always at the bottom of the class.

The pressure was so huge that I collapsed at the second year. I was seriously ill and had to stay in the university hospital for quite a few weeks. When I was well enough to go home, I was offered an opportunity to have a voluntary suspension of one year. I took it and went home to rest.

Although the few months of relaxation at home gave my body a chance to recover, it did create a new problem for me. Now I had to study with students who were previously one year below me, which was quite embarrassing, and I had to live with that embarrassment for the next 4 years.

Those 4 years were not easy. Lots of pressure. Loads of embarrassments. But I survived again. Because I believed that things will get better after graduation.

I was right. I became financially independent in my middle 20s and became a desirable worker in my late 20s, which helped me to gain a lot of self-confidence. I even managed to become slim in my late 20s, early 30s, and have stayed slim ever since.

However, embarrassment has never completely left my life. In fact, I embarrassed myself a lot of times in the last few times, including my first and only experience of obtaining food assistance from a local food bank a while ago.

Embarrassment has been my companion for many years. Sometimes it’s right in my face. Other times it’s out of my sight, hidden somewhere. But it’s always there.

In the past it bothered me a lot. It made me worry, sweat, feel small, even have nightmares. As a result, I was deeply afraid of it.

I am not afraid of it anymore. Why? Because I have discovered that it’s just a feeling and I am always bigger and stronger than it. This has greatly improved the quality of my life. I worry less, sleep better and laugh a lot more often.

Embarrassment is nothing but a passing emotion. You are an eternal divine being. Once you see the basic facts, you’ll know how to deal with it.

I almost had a panic attack (29/06/2020)

I almost had a panic attack earlier this morning.

I’m currently studying ACCA SBL course with Kaplan Financial. They are running a Booster course for the September exam. There’s a Booster exam in this additional course.

Since a SBL exam takes 4 hours, I planned to take this Booster exam this morning from 6:30am to 10am.

To honour this promise I made to myself yesterday, I got up at 6am, an hour earlier than usual. I did a little positive work, then went to Mykaplan trying to take this mock exam.

To my surprise, after I clicked the link, there was nothing there. I only saw two big words, COMING SOON. I tried to go back. After I clicked the Back button, the Booster course disappeared from the screen.

At this point, I started to feel heat building up in my body. I knew I was getting uptight. I thought to myself, ‘OK. I’ll practice those CBE mock exams on ACCA’s website instead.’

I went to ACCA’s website, but I was refused the access. I tried to log in a few time, but was rejected each time. At this point I panicked. I felt very hot, and I couldn’t think clearly. I even started having irrational thoughts, such as ‘maybe I have lost my student membership somehow. If that’s the case, all the money and time I’ve spent on this over the last 3 years would have been wasted!’

Fortunately the panic didn’t last for very long. I’d only been there for at most 5-10 minutes, then I suddenly realized: what’s the non-sense? It’s not the end of the world. Even if I had lost my membership (which is not likely), I would still be OK. The more likely reason for this is that there’s a problem with ACCA website, which had happened before. There’s no reason why it is not happening now.

With this realization, the heat I felt in my body started to reduce, and my thinking ability returned. I thought to myself, ‘I don’t have to practice those exams today. I still have two months before the real exam. Let’s wait until tomorrow.’

I went back to MyKaplan. This time I clicked a link for this Booster course from a previous email, and I got the Booster course back on to the screen. Things are back to normal again.

This can be applied to every life situation. Events and situations themselves are neutral. The way we experience them is specific to each one of us. Two people who attended the same event may have very different experiences.

Why? Because most of us don’t experience the reality as is. Instead we experience it through a set of filters, which are our personal beliefs and habitual thoughts. In other words, our mind create the world we experience.

How to turn a negative world into a positive world? Replace those negative stuff which are residents of your mind with positive ones, by working on yourself daily.

The progress may not be obvious everyday. But if you compare how you are now to how you will be in a year, the contrast will be as strong as day and night.

Living a calm and peaceful life is possible. But you have to work on yourself daily to make your inner world calm and peaceful. The peaceful mind will create a peaceful world for you to enjoy.

Reiki Healing (28/06/2020)

According to the Reiki book I read (Essential Reiki: A complete guide to an ancient healing), Reiki is as old as human race. It’s basically an energy healing system which helps heal the body, mind and soul at the energy level.

I am still very new to Reiki healing. I only started my Reiki journey about 2-3 weeks ago, yet it has already made significant impact on my life.

First, because of the two attunements I received, my energy level has noticeably increased, and I have more clarity in thinking and feel more detached to the physical world, which means more peace.

Second, because of the self-healing I’ve been doing, my overall health has been improved a lot. Even my hay fever symptoms (such as itchy eyes, running nose, sneeze, etc) have been reduced.

Third, this is also the most important benefit for me, I don’t feel helpless about my husband’s recovery anymore, now that I can give him healing almost everyday.

So far, I have seen two major benefits in this area.

1. After each healing session, he sleeps for about 1-2 hours, which is very good. Because good sleep is quite rare in his life currently.

I normally give him healing after I finish what I need to do for the day, which is around 8-8:30 pm. The healing process normally lasts about 40 minutes – 1 hour. After the healing session, I watch some TV to relax. He enjoys a good sleep.

2. The interval between two drains on his belly has grown from 2 weeks to 4 weeks. Since the passage between his liver and kidneys doesn’t work properly, some of the waste liquid produced by the liver can’t go to his kidneys as it should. As a result, the liquid accumulates in his belly, which needs to be drained from time to time.

Previously, the interval decreased quite fast to 2 weeks. But the interval between the last one and the one before was 4 weeks. And the liquid drained last Wednesday was relatively modest as well.

Since medication is still the same as before, the only major change is the added Reiki healing from me, I believe my healing is making positive contribution to his recovery. This makes me very happy. Because the main reason why I started my Reiki journey was to help him and myself heal. It appears that I am making progress towards this objective.

Based on all the positive changes I have experienced since I started my Reiki journey 2-3 weeks, I am now a passionate Reiki believer and supporter.

If you are looking for a method to heal yourself or bring positive changes into your life, give Reiki a try. It’s easy, effective and will only do good.

Painful memories resurfaced (27/06/2020)

The book Essential Reiki: A Complete Guide to An Ancient Healing Art mentioned that after Reiki II attunement, lots of people go through quite intense emotional turmoils as part of the spiritual growth towards higher consciousness. After my Reiki II attunement, my husband confirmed this message.

Today I actually experienced this unavoidable piece of journey.

Recently I have extended my spiritual routine from the original 1 hour to 2.5 hours, which include meditation, Reiki self-healing and affirmations. This morning I loyally perform my routine and felt great afterwards. So I started the project I promised to complete over the weekend.

One of the files contains a lot of brand names, which cost roughly double amount of time compared to normal sentences when it comes to translation. The reason is that I need to do research for the ones I don’t know. Sometimes a single word can take me quite a few minutes of research time.

Because of this reason, lots of translators charge extra fees for brand names to compensate the research time. I don’t. Mainly because the agency I am working with has been very nice to me. Therefore I want to give back by doing extra work free of charge.

Therefore a file with a lot of brand names takes me a lot longer than normal to translate. When I am feeling peaceful, I’m ok with that. But today, it upset me A LOT. In the few hours I was translating those names, my mind was complaining almost constantly. I felt that I was unfairly treated, which was not true. Because I have willingly made the decision to not charge for the extra research time.

To make myself feel better, I logged the time I spent on this part of the project. My plan was that I will do a calculation when I finish this part to see how big the gap is between the total price for the project and my actual cost. If the shortage is huge, then I may need to mention it to the project manager.

Fortunately I was conscious enough to not do anything stupid. After lunch, I had a one hour nap. I had a quite good sleep. I even dreamed. In my dream, I met a university school mate. She was one of my roommates for the first 1.5 years of my university life. We disliked each other so much that we normally ignored each other.

Today in my dream, we didn’t ignore each other. Instead, we argued, even fought a little. The experience was so real that in the first few minutes after I woke up, I wasn’t sure where I was and how old I was. And I was not exactly in a positive mood.

To restore the positive and peace, I went to my little office and started meditating with my crystals. After about 30 minutes of meditation, the negativity was gone. The peace was restored. When I saw the time log I made earlier, I chuckled. ‘It seems the negative twin visited today.’

Fortunately, no harm was done. I quietly put the paper in to rubbish bin.

I think I did quite well today. The emotional disturbance I experienced today was quite strong. It was so strong that my body became hot and stayed hot for quite a while.

I feel quite proud for what I did in the face of those resurfaced emotional memories. I did not try to avoid the pain by distracting myself with something else (such as reading an article, listening to music, etc), which was my usual strategy for many years. Instead, I faced the pain directly. It did not feel great when it was passing my system, but it has gone away.

If I avoided it or forced it down, it would only be hiding in a dark corner of the subconscious mind, waiting for the next opportunity to attack me with greater strength.

We all have painful memories. Dealing with pain is part of human life. Whenever they resurface, face the pain so that it can burn and dissolve.

Happiness and peace are on the other side of the pain. Never forget that.

The healing effect of crystals (26/06/2020)

Recently I bought two healing crystals online. One is a Citrine, which is half white half orange yellow. The other is a Smoky Quartz, which is kind of grayish green.

The Citrine stone is quite big. Its dimensions are roughly 8.3cm x 3.5cm x 2.6cm. The Smoky Quartz is smaller. Its dimensions are roughly 4.0cm x 3.3cm x 2.8cm.

Both are natural stones. Therefore the shapes are not as perfect as man-made products.

The Citrine looked quite good even before the wash. After wash, it looks really beautiful. Although it’s not pure colour, the two colours actually complement each other. It fits perfectly in my hand. I loved it at the first sight.

The Smoky Quartz didn’t look very good just out of the package. Its colour was really dull. Even after wash, it doesn’t look very impressive. It looked so plain that I didn’t believe it was a real crystal.

However what I experienced about 45 minutes ago has really opened my mind on this.

I hardly slept last night. I tried everything, but nothing worked. I managed to fall into sleep probably 1-2 hours before the alarm went off.

Even though I have been very tired, I still have had a very busy day. Therefore I felt absolutely exhausted at about 6:50pm. So I decided to meditate to get some energy. For some reason, I decided to meditate with the two new crystals I received earlier today.

I mediated with each of them for about 10 minutes, then I meditated with the little Clear Quartz necklace (the Clear Quartz is the pendent) my husband gave to me a few days ago. Every time, I held the stone with both of my hands.

All of them made my hands and lower abdomen hot. The two new stones’ effect appeared to be a lot stronger. I guess it was because of their sizes. They are bigger than the Clear Quartz pendent.

The Smoky Quartz is probably 2-3 times as big as the pendent. The Citrine stone is probably 5-6 times as big as the pendent.

Here, size matters A LOT. With the pendent, those parts of my body were comfortably warm. With those bigger ones, those parts of my body were uncomfortably hot. I would even go as far as ‘as hot as in the oven’.

After the 30 minutes meditation, I feel as good as after a good night of sleep. Isn’t that amazing?

This charging effect is much stronger than mediation without healing crystals.

I was so pleased with this extraordinary experience that I immediately logged onto Amazon and wrote a product review for both sellers, which is something I have hardly ever done before.

I also ordered a large Amethyst crystal, which hopefully will arrive tomorrow. I’ll write another post after my meditation with the Amethyst crystal. Because it relates to different chakras, and it may be even bigger than the Citrine. Therefore the experience should be quite different.

It should also help with sleep. I can only report on that after I have had it for a while.

The Reiki attunements I received from my husband may have played a part in today’s experience. I don’t know if someone, who has not had those attunements, would experience a similarly powerful charging effect from those crystals.

Speaking of Reiki, my husband is currently offering free remote Reiki healing. If you are interested, go to his blog ( Request For Free Reiki Healing Note this opens in a new tab ) and have a look. It won’t cost you anything. You may be nicely surprised.

It’s never too late (25/06/2020)

In the past few weeks I heard from the TV news and my husband that quite a few big businesses have either gone bust or made lots of their employees redundant.

Some businesses have done something quite dirty. Their first fired a lot of their employees, then they rehired a lot of them on less favorable terms.

Even if this is legal, this is definitely unethical. It’s obviously why they are doing this. It’s because it can dramatically bring the costs down, which is of course beneficial to the business and its short-term financial results, and therefore be welcome to the shareholders.

If you belong to one of those who either have lost their jobs, or have lost out greatly because of the reasons I mentioned earlier, you may be feeling frustrated or even angry, but you think it’s too late to pursue another path , because you are middle-aged, and simply have too much to lose if you change your path now.

What I’m going to say to you is this: it’s never too late to start a new path / life. Let me tell you a story.

From 2009 to July 2017 I felt deeply trapped. My translation service was going no where, yet we didn’t have enough money for me to invest in another path. In addition, my husband’s health was a constant worry. I also had a lot of pain from my past to deal with, which dragged me into really unhappy modes and situations frequently.

Everywhere I looked, I saw darkness and closed doors. Fortunately I had my husband encourage and support me. I also did positive work on myself from time to time, which was just enough to keep me float.

Things really started to change for me when I made the decision to do the ACCA fully certificate. I made the decision a few days after I passed my practical driving exam.

It was a big decision for us at the time. Because the costs were huge. I was not sure if we could afford the whole thing. But my husband encouraged me to take the path, as long as it felt right to me. It did feel right, even though I worried about its affordability for us.

So I took the path. Look how far I have gone. I used to have very low self-confidence and be very shy. But now I am telling the world how I truly feel and some of the most painful experiences I have had.

More importantly, I am confident that I will find the way to get us out of the difficult situation we are in somehow, even though I don’t know exactly when and how it’s going to happen.

When I started this process I was 43. I am 46 now. To many people both of those numbers mean that it’s time to settle down with whatever they have got.

That may be OK in a relatively stable environment, where it’s relatively clear how things are going to be in the near future. But that’s not the case now. Now the old world is falling apart, but the new one is not formed yet. And no one knows exactly where the world is going.

If you have lost your job and can’t see any possibility to get another one in the near future, then you can’t actually settle down, no matter how old your age is.

What is age anyway? It’s just a number. Our body is regenerating at all time. We have a new body every 7 years. Our mind and spirit certainly don’t age, unless you perceive they do.

It’s never too late. If you want to build a great life for yourself, just take the first step with what you do have. As soon as you take the first step, the universe will start helping you and your path will be shown to you at the right time.

But you have to take the first step, then the second, the third, etc. When you have built up enough momentum, the process will start pulling you, rather than you pushing the process.

And the right people and circumstances will be drawn to you to assist your project.

Many extremely successful people started their amazing career with virtually nothing. Tony Robbins lived in his car for a couple of years whilst he was trying to build his life. John Paul DeJoria was living in his car with his young child when he started his business empire. Look how far they have gone!

Whenever I feel that it’s too late for me to build an amazing life, I often use the following two famous statesmen in Chinese history to encourage myself:

  1. Bai Li Xi. Legend says he had been a slave until he was in his 60s, which was very old in those days (over a thousand years ago). Then he got the opportunity to be the Premier Minister of Qin, the most powerful kingdom in China at the time, and had enjoyed a glorious career.
  2. Jiang Zi Ya. Legend says he had lived a rather poor life until he was in his 80s, which was extremely old in those days (over a thousand years ago). Then he got the opportunity to help one of the kings to took power and establish Zhou, one of the most prominent dynasties in Chinese history.

If they can do that, so can you! We are all humans and we all have the support of the Spirit. The only difference is that those people believed in themselves and took the necessary actions.

So the question is not about your age. It about your willingness to believe in yourself and take the action.

Do you believe in yourself? Are you willing to take the action?