Who am I?


Hi, my name is Amy. I’m a 46 years old Chinese woman living in the UK, who’s being struggling with life for almost all of her adult life; who has an unrealised big dream which is tempting and intimidating at the same time; who has experienced lots of ups and downs; who has a lot to share, but hasn’t had the guts to do so until earlier today, because of the fear.

In short, I am just like billions of people out there. I want to share all the lessons I have learned in life in the best way I am capable of. This is the sole purpose of this website.

I spent the first 35 years of my life in mainland China. I was born to a family of school teachers in a remote part of Northern China. After some fierce competition, I managed to get a place in a top university in Beijing, Tsinghua University and was trained to be a civil engineer designing dams.

After graduation, I got my first job in a big state-owned engineering designing company in Xi’an, China. After 3 years working as an assistant engineer, I found the courage to pursue my true passion. I went back to Beijing and became a professional linguist.

The next 9 years were filled with backbreaking hard work, which brought me satisfying professional and financial success.

But my personal life was a mess. Not only my marriage fell apart, I also had a lot of problems with my parents. I was in a very dark place feeling deeply trapped.

Fortunately I met someone very special, who showed me kindness and what was possible. We became good friends. As the friendship deepened, we became husband and wife, and I came to the UK to be with my new husband.

The new life turned out to be the toughest journey I have ever experienced. My husband’s business went bust before our wedding, and he started to have some serious health issues shortly after the wedding. These problems have been with him ever since.

Seeing no way out of the challenging situation we were in, I slipped back into the dark tunnel. At the end of 2013, I was so depressed that I took a lot of sleeping pills to end my miserable life. Fortunately I was given a second chance.

That was a real wake-up call for me. I decided to do something about my life and the way I felt about myself and my life. I started to actively look for books on positive thinking, which eventually led me to spirituality.

I have read, listened to and watched lots of positive and spiritual books, audiobooks and videos, which have helped me to find the inner strength to face all those challenges, rather than running away from them. Little by little I grow stronger and stronger. As a result, I not only feel better about myself and my life, but also have expanded my life.

During this period, I have passed my driving tests and started my accountancy journey (I have passed lots of difficult exams and am approaching the end of the journey to become qualified.) Most importantly, I have discovered who I truly I am, and my self belief and confidence are growing very fast.

I can honestly say that without this preparation, I could never have been able to handle what was coming next, a huge challenge.

On 2 December 2019, my husband was rushed to the hospital in ambulance because of acute liver and kidney failure. He was in critical condition for quite a few weeks. And there were lots of non-medical problems happening in our life as well. During that darkest period of my life, the only thing which kept me sane and gave me the courage and strength to carry on was the faith in Spirit and Love. I spent quite a few hours meditating, sometimes alone, sometimes at my husband’s bedside.

No matter how messy my life was in the physical world, as soon as I was connected with the Spirit, all I felt was peace and a warm flow of love. In that period of time, those few hours of meditation time was the thing I looked forward to each day.

My prayers have been answered. My husband is recovering very fast. Although he is still very ill, he is not in the life-or-death situation anymore. Of course, we now have a new threat – coronavirus, and my husband belongs to the ‘extremely vulnerable people’ category because of his medical condition. But as for his liver and kidney problem, he’s in a must better place than a few months ago.

Having been through all of those challenges (divorce, death, family issues, serious financial problems, heavy emotional pain from the past, etc.), I have a lot to share with the world on the subject of the power of being positive.

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